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Which Glasses Styles You Should Try This Spring

Which Glasses Styles You Should Try This Spring

The weather is slowly warming, and it’s almost time to break out your spring fashion. While choosing lighter layers to pull out of the closet, consider also a new style of glasses for the season. With the variety available to you, it might be worth it to choose more than one. There is no shortage of styles, from tortoise shell glasses to classic rectangular, that will look great with your spring wardrobe.

Groovy Geometric

Popular for their versatility, geometric style frames can come in many shapes. You might see octagons, hexagons, or curious combinations of squared and rounded shapes. Geometric styles are wonderful for expressing individuality as they often depart from classic frame design. Combine a geometric style frame with an exciting color choice, and you have a recipe for glasses that feel unique and fresh, perfect for the new season.

Airy Aviators

A long-time favorite for the warmer seasons, aviator frames convey a sense of adventure and confidence. Though the style used to be favored for sunglasses, it is now popular for eyeglasses as well. Vint & York aviators also embrace alternative materials, so you can have classic metal frames, tortoise shell, or a sturdy plastic.

Sensational Tortoise Shell Glasses

Not limited by shape, tortoise shell glasses remain timeless and fashionable. Modern tortoise shell designs can be tailored to almost any season or event, thanks to coloring and patterning techniques. It’s possible to own a set of glasses with the same style and different tortoise shell color patterns. You could keep a set of classic tortoise shell for formal use, and a bright, colorful set for spring outings.

Regular Round & Square

Round and square frames have a character of their very own. Choice in size, color, and thickness can add personal flair to even basic shapes. Some Vint & York frames also combine round shapes with other geometric designs by using a round lens, and a different shape as the outer frame. Each of these styles can help accentuate your face shape and provide a fun new look for the spring.

Classy Cat-Eye

Cat-eye glasses have their own long fashion history and still remain a stylistic main-stay for sunglasses and eyeglasses alike. Often paired with bold colors, the strong, angled browline of cat-eye glasses lends them a sense of attitude. The bright patterns and subtle accents of Vint & Yorks’s cat-eye collection offer many fine choices for making a spring statement. Our cat-eyes also include options between subtle, more rectangular shapes, and broad frames that can create a new bold look.

Pick the Perfect Pair

The selection of styles for your new spring frames means that it may be a tough choice. If you have a varied wardrobe, matching it with your glasses can be especially tricky. To help out, the online Vint & York catalog features a virtual try-on. You can test out styles and colors to your heart’s content, with different outfits if you need to, so you can feel great about your choice. Explore Vint & York’s collection today to find your new pair of spring glasses!

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