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VINT & YORK x Smithsonian: Discover our newest Eyewear Collection, “The Time Capsule”, a Blend of Contemporary Design and History

VINT & YORK x Smithsonian: Discover our newest Eyewear Collection, “The Time Capsule”, a Blend of Contemporary Design and History

There is no better way of expressing your personality than by wearing pieces that tell a fitting story. After a year-long collaboration with Smithsonian, we finally released The Time Capsule ”, a limited eyewear collection that comes to tell a story through their frames.

The four new frames found the perfect balance between contemporary design and historical artifacts that date back to the early to mid-1900s , reinventing the notion of vintage eyewear and bringing it to the present day.

Discover the collection and what inspired it!

Round and square eyewear frames
Try out the new Vint & York x Smithsonian eyewear collection!

VINT & YORK’s references were always sourced from a time when artistic exploration was celebrated and individuals knew how to carry themselves — so collaborating with the Smithsonian to let these objects shine through our glasses was a perfect match. We ended up with four frame styles that design lovers can be intrigued by and can feel carried away to an era when everybody dressed up and had a point of view , explains Larisa Ginzburg, VINT & YORK’s Founder.

Take a look at the new eyewear collection!

The Design Process

The remarkable 1920s-1960s culture, art, and fashion have always been a huge inspiration when it came to designing the Vint and York frames. This makes the collaboration with Smithsonian a natural fit and an amazing opportunity that could not be missed.

For “The Time Capsule”, our design team was inspired by the vast collection of the Smithsonian’s historical artifacts.

With a few of the museum’s references at hand, our team started sketching the new frames : a browline, round, cat eye, and a square silhouette.

round sunglasses
They are wearing Poster Child sunglasses available here .

“Were not only inspired by the allure of nostalgia, but by the character of these objects. The Smithsonian has some of the most iconic cultural pieces, a vast collection of historical touchstones, and rare oddities. It was a designer’s dream.” – Larisa Ginzburg, Vint and York’s founder.

Following androgynous frame proportions and materials and colorways that highlight the vintage character, the collection is designed for people who seek a classic, yet alternative look.

Vint & York x Smithsonian Eyewear Collection

“The Time Capsule” Collection includes both sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses .

The frames are crafted in high-quality acetates with subtle metal detailing. When it comes to style, we settled on classic tortoiseshell nuances, powerful black, intriguing green, crystal with understated metal detailing, and transparent textures that give off strong individuality.

The individuality of each frame is doubled by a powerful backstory.

The Browline Frame, Flight of Fancy

The Flight of Fancy frame is definitely for the dreamers .

A sense of precision is followed throughout a juxtapose of straight lines with a curvier silhouette that creates an offbeat look. The frame comes in three colors: Shiny Amber Tortoise, Shiny Black and Shiny Green.

 Flight of fancy browline frame prescription glasses tortoise
Flight of Fancy: the perfect frame for the overachiever! Available here .
Browline frame in green
A unisex frame inspired by a pipe dream. Get it here .
Browline eyewear dark green
A unisex browline frame in dark green.

flight of fancy tortoiseshell

Which color suits you best? Get the frames you like!

What Inspired The Flight Of Fancy Frame?

This unisex signature frame is inspired by the Bell X-1, the first airplane to fly faster than the speed of sound in 1947 , piloted by U.S. Air Force Capt. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager. A pipe dream that resonates with all the overachievers who follow their goals in life, no matter how far-fetched and unrealistic they seem.

Inspiration for eyewear frames - Flight of Fancy Vint and York x Smithsonian
The Bell X-1, the first airplane to fly faster than the speed of sound in 1947.

The Cat-Eye Frame Called Rare Bird

Bold and elegant, an oversized cat frame is always a statement piece that you can proudly wear to reflect your traits. The Rare Bird frame is meant to accentuate these traits even more, while the name is meant to enhance the original source of inspiration: something or someone exceptional – a rarity.

Accented with sinuous coiled temples, this frame evokes a sense of unapologetic femininity. There are three colors you can choose from Shiny Brown Demi, Shiny Black, and Shiny Green.

tortoise shell oversized cat eye glasses
She is wearing Rare Bird in tortoiseshell , a frame influenced by a rare Tiffany necklace from the 20th century. Try it here!
Oversized cat eye emerald color
The Rare Bird in emerald, a dramatic oversized cat eye.
rare bird black oversize cat eye
The Midnight Rare Bird.
browline frame in tortoise shell and oversized cat eye in green
The Time Capsule is a collection full of personality!

rare bird cat eye clear turquoise

Pick up your favorite Rare Bird frames!

What Inspired The Rare Bird Frame?

Add to the dramatic cat eye frame the uniqueness of the Rare Bird. This frame comes from the influences of a gold and amethyst Tiffany necklace, a wonderful example of Art Nouveau jewelry made at the turn of the 20th century .

Tiffany Amethyst - inspiration for glasses
Rare amethyst Tiffany necklace from the 20th Century.

This Round Frame Creates The Poster Child Look

The typical 60s round frame with a twist, Poster Child was inspired by Betty Brader’s innovative work on the famous Joseph Magnin fashion illustrations.

Choose your favorite color: Shiny Black, Shiny Old Fashion Demi and Clear. It features discreet gold signature accents on the bridge and inner temple.

Round frame sunglasses Poster Child
The typical round frame with a twist.
round frames in black
Poster Child round frames in onyx.
Round frame poster child in tortoise shell.
The Poster Child round frame in pecan with gold details.
poster child round frames clear
Beautiful clear round frames.

poster child round frames clear

What Inspired The Poster Child Frames

The posters Brader produced were highly acclaimed in the San Francisco Bay Area and, just like the illustration, the frame evokes a sense of nonconformism and youthfulness with a whimsical feel of optimism .

Poster Child frames inspiration
Betty Brader’s work, an original inspiration.

Become a Poster Child!

A More Comfortable Square Frame – Big Wig

The confidence and prowess of Henry Booth, a textile jobber who innovated the custom tailoring system in the 1940s are reflected in this masculine square frame. The Big Wig has a distinct low keyhole bridge and, for extra comfort, the silhouette has been scaled to a more wearable shape.

As for the colors, you can choose the Shiny Dark Tortoise, Shiny Honey Demi, or Matte Transparent Light Brown frames.

The Big Wig square frames.
The Big Wig square frames.
big wig square frame dark tortoise shell
The Big Wig – a play on square frames in espresso color.
big wig square frames yellow
The Big Wig frames in butterscotch.
big wig square frame tortoise shell
The Big Wig in Mahogany.

big wig tortoiseshell

What inspired the Big Wig frames?

The theme of power is also doubled by the name, which is a vintage slang that refers to someone with influence, while the style reminds you of those dapper ad men of the 1940s.

Henry Booth, a textile jobber
Henry Booth, a textile jobber.

Can you pull off the Big Wig frames?

What Do Vint and York’s Frames Stand For?

Firm believers of self-expression and individuality, the Vint and York team has created all of their frames lead by the idea that expressing yourself is a right rather than a privilege. You should be able to claim your look without having to spend a fortune. And quality comes first.

All of the frames are designed in New York and made from high-quality acetate and ultra lightweight titanium that’s both durable and stylish, which distances them from other high-fashion frames. Moreover, the lenses are UV400 protected and have been treated with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

The result is a modern, comfortable and naturally fitted eyewear collection with silhouettes tasked to stand the test of time and trends.

Vint and York store
Vint and York store in NoLita neighborhood.

Discover The Time Capsule Eyewear Collection by VINT & YORK x Smithsonian online and in store!

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