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Interested in Tortoise Shell Glasses? What To Know Before You Buy

Interested in Tortoise Shell Glasses? What To Know Before You Buy

Choosing frames within a desired aesthetic can be a challenge for people who wear glasses regularly. Tortoise shell glasses are one of the most popular choices, due to their timelessness and versatility. These can come in a variety of styles and options, so here are some insights to consider while choosing your own pair from the wide selection Vint & York has to offer.

Join the Tortoise Shell Glasses Trend 

The first hang-up people often have to overcome when shopping for glasses is whether or not their choice is fashionable. If you choose tortoise shell frames, you'll fit in with any trend. Ever since they gained prominence, this style of frame has enjoyed widespread appreciation. They have been considered both sophisticated and classy. 

Plan for Durability

With tortoise shell frames, you won't have to worry about damage from everyday use. They are made of resistant materials developed over the years. Tortoise shell glasses don’t just take their name from their unique color patterning. They used to be made from animal shells. At the time, this made them quite durable and a good option for frames. Over the decades since, designers have developed the means to create the same appealing pattern using strong celluloid acetate. This helps your frames remain as tough as they are good-looking while being more animal friendly.

Enjoy Style Freedom

Tortoise shell frames now have more shapes alongside the standard browline frame than in the past. Your choices include everything from round frames or petite coquettes to bold oversize frames and subdued semi-rimless, along with multiple colors and patterns to suit any mood. Modern tortoise shell and horn-rimmed frames can also include other colors and patterns that will allow you to choose the perfect frames for your personal aesthetic.

Pick Frames That Are Just Right For You

Choose the right frames by matching or contrasting them with your unique features and skin tone. Because they are multicolor frames you can achieve different effects with a set that emphasizes one color more than the other. For example, frames with darker browns will appear bolder if you have lighter skin, and more subtle if you have darker skin. The shape of your face and features has a similar impact. If you have a smaller nose or eyes, then choosing smaller frames that match those proportions will make a softer statement than if you choose large or thick frames.

Own It

After you’ve seen our selection, and narrowed down a few favorites, our Virtual Try-On app will give you a great idea of how your top frames will look in person. This will help you determine if the frames you’re considering fit your features, or how they match with your different outfits. The app makes it easy to have a good idea of which frames suit you before you buy them. With their long fashion history and modern twists, a set of tortoise shell glasses from Vint & York can make a great choice for your next pair of glasses or sunglasses.

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