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How To Style Your Eyeglasses for the Holidays

How To Style Your Eyeglasses for the Holidays

As the end-of-year holidays draw near, now is the perfect time to plan your festive outfits. While we often emphasize apparel, your facial accessories deserve some attention, too! Whether you prefer trendy frames or timeless spectacles, you can incorporate eyewear into your holiday fits in countless ways. Let's explore some tips for styling your glasses for the holidays.

Add Color to Your Outfit

Colors majorly impact our emotions, so the holiday season is the perfect time to wear fun and lively hues. To look stylish this winter, opt for bold and vibrant frames in red, green, or blue. These colors evoke warmth and joy, which are perfect for the holidays.

The Radiance of Red Glasses

Red is synonymous with the end-of-year holidays since it's vibrant, lively, and radiates warmth. Plus, red glasses add a pop of color to your outfit and draw attention to your eyes. Whether you choose bold crimson or subtle burgundy glasses, they’ll help you spread holiday cheer.

The Vibrancy of Green Glasses

Green exudes a refreshing and calming vibe because it connects us to nature. We often associate this color with everlasting renewal, making it perfect for ushering in the new year.

The Elegance of Blue Glasses

Blue glasses are excellent options for sprucing up your holiday outfits. They exude elegance and sophistication while adding a cool, calmness to your look. From deep navy blue to light sky blue, these glasses can match any winter outfit and make you look both stylish and festive!

Consider Neutral Frames

While colored frames add personality to your look, you might prefer the versatility of neutral-colored frames. Moreover, these frames may be ideal if you prefer to wear vibrant clothing for holiday celebrations. Common neutral colors include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Clear
  • Grey
  • Brown 

These colors go well with any outfit, so you'll always be stylish no matter what you wear!

Black Frames 

Black glasses can create a sleek and sophisticated look that complements any outfit. They're ideal for every holiday event, and you can easily transition into your everyday wardrobe after the holidays!

White Frames 

Alternatively, white glasses are great for adding a touch of elegance and brightness to your ensemble. They're especially perfect for a winter wonderland-themed party. 

Clear Frames

Clear frames have never really gone out of style. They’re popular because they complement any outfit. This is perfect if you prefer minimalist fashion and want to add a simple accessory to your holiday fit. 

Grey Frames 

Grey frames could be the best option if you want to add understated elegance to your fashion.

Brown Frames

Brown frames, especially in tortoiseshell or wood textures, can add warmth to your holiday outfit. They also pair well with garments in earthy tones and iconic winter holiday colors, like red, green, and blue.

Pick the Right Shape

During the holiday season, many of us spend time celebrating with loved ones, so we always want to look our best. While the shape of your glasses doesn’t directly impact your fashion, it can add something special to your look. As you shop for a new pair of glasses, consider some of these popular shapes: 

  • Round
  • Cat Eye
  • Square 
  • Oval 

If you’re unsure which style you should buy, consider the shape of your current frames for prescription glasses, sunglasses, and blue light glasses.

Round Glasses

Round glasses are classic shapes that continue to be popular year after year. They add a soft charm to your look, making them perfect for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses give off a delightful retro charm that elevates any ensemble. Whether you’re attending a massive gathering or a dinner party with your close friends, these glasses will help you leave an impression on anyone who sees you.

Square Glasses

If you have a round or oval face and want to highlight your natural features, square glasses can help you do just that! They add angles to your face and create definition. Plus, they pair well with casual and formal outfits, making them versatile for all your holiday fits.

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses complement almost all face shapes. With their simple yet stylish design, they are perfect for anyone putting together a timeless and fashionable look for the holidays.

Neutral or Monochrome vs. Statement Pieces

Picking the perfect glasses also means deciding whether you want your eyewear to stand out or blend in with your outfit. Evaluate the colors and styles you often wear. If you wear a lot of red and vintage styles during the holidays, then maroon or neutral cat eye glasses may be the perfect complement to your outfit!

On the other hand, if you want your glasses to stand out, aim for patterned or colored frames with neutral clothing. This way, your beautiful frames will stand out to everyone who sees you!

Note the Latest Trends

Another tip on how to style your glasses for the holidays is to investigate what options appear most stylish around this time of year. For example, jewel tones and oversized frames are very popular during the winter.

If you need fashion inspiration, look at what eyewear your favorite celebrities wear; note the colors and styles. You can also browse fashion magazines or websites to see what glasses styles the models wear for seasonal collections. Since 2024 is nearing an end, browse the top styles for the new year so you can welcome 2024 with flair!

Consider Your Personal Fashion

When styling your glasses, it's important to find something that resonates with your style and personality while embracing the festive spirit. Don't hesitate to explore various colors, shapes, and patterns in order to find that perfect holiday look. And remember that confidence is key. Wear your glasses with pride to make the most of this joyful season!

Shop for Great Eyewear Options

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How To Style Your Eyeglasses for the Holidays
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