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Explore Our Chic Collection of Fall Eye Glasses - Trendy Styles for Your Autumn Looks

Explore Our Chic Collection of Fall Eye Glasses - Trendy Styles for Your Autumn Looks

The leaves start to fall, the cool breeze drifts in, and just like that, you know it’s fall. It’s time to bid adieu to summer and welcome the new season with fresh picks in your wardrobe and accessories. This, of course, includes your eyewear. Embracing fall styles will keep your outfit looking right for the season. But exactly how do you achieve this with fall eyeglasses? We’ll show you the way.


Moving from summer to fall

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There are several ways you can move your wardrobe from summer to fall. Here’s our guide on what to switch up to easily transition into fall colors, textures, and accessories, including your eyewear.

The easiest change you can make is to swap colors as fall approaches. Instead of wearing light and bright colors, opt for richer, more saturated hues.

Changing up your footwear is also an important part of ensuring that your outfits are more autumn-centric. There’s plenty of time to transition between flip-flops and full-on boots, and fall is the perfect time to experiment with shoes that have more coverage. Consider taupe or tan booties to go with your outfits. While black shoes do go with everything, they may look more severe when paired with the fall colors you wear, so try to go with browns, burgundies, and dark greens instead.

Layering is key during the fall season, but it’s essential to use lightweight layers to be prepared for whatever the weather brings. Light layers will allow you to easily add and remove as needed without much fuss. It will also give you that ready-for-fall look! Give kimonos and ruanas a try this fall season.

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Lastly, it’s important to update your accessories as well. Whether using a different handbag, statement hat, oversized scarf, or earrings, these little details will make all the difference in your fall outfit. Don’t forget to update your eyeglasses too. It always helps to have an extra pair or two for your wardrobe, depending on the seasons, to help you look more put together.

In fact, your eyewear is one of the most important pieces of your outfit.


Eyeglasses as a statement piece

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Eyeglasses are more than just a tool for vision correction. They can also give any outfit a finishing touch, making them a fun accessory that you can use to make a fashion statement.

Making eyewear part of your personal style might seem like a fairly recent phenomenon. But people have been doing this for centuries.

In the 1880s, monocles were the in thing, and aristocrats commonly used them as status symbols and fashion statements. As vision correction became more mainstream and less stigmatized in the 1900s, more and more people were seen wearing glasses. By the time the Roaring ‘20s rolled around, glasses became even more popular, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Fall Trends For Eyeglasses

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Knowing the trends for fall eyeglasses is a sure way to keep you looking current as the season turns. Here are some of the trends to watch out for for fall eyeglasses:

Warm tortoiseshell. Tortoise shell sunglasses is always a fall favorite. The appeal of this style lies in its versatility, as it complements various skin tones and fall colors. You can wear them with round frames, square specs, or even cat-eye styles.

‘70s inspired. The ‘70s are making a comeback this fall with aviators and oversized round frames that look cool, chic, and trendy on most face shapes.

Fall colors. Changes in color palettes are expected whenever we move from one season to the next, and fall is no exception. You can get frames in complementary and contrasting colors to make a bold finishing statement for your outfit. These include rich reds, deep browns, and earthy greens.

Square shapes. Clean lines and a structured silhouette make a standout statement without looking too severe. Whether you choose larger frames or opt for smaller square shapes, these eyeglasses are on-trend for the fall season and even beyond.

You can accentuate your personal style with any pair of frames, whether they are bold and striking or more subtle. It all depends on how you want to integrate it into your fall looks.


How Glasses Can Elevate Your Outfit

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Eyeglasses may be a small accessory, but they can add style to your fall outfits.


Sparks Interest

Eyeglasses are accessories that always spark interest. Whether you’re wearing prescription eyeglasses or clear lenses with no grade, other people will notice your glasses first. This is especially true if you wear a basic outfit and pair it with a funky pair of frames. You stand out, so people are more likely to be interested in your frames.


Adds Cohesion

Eyeglasses can add cohesion to your fall outfit and make you look more put together. In the same way that other accessories such as watches and jewelry can match with and enhance your look, eyeglasses can add the same effect. They can emphasize the boldness and individuality of your clothing. Eyeglasses can also look sleek and match a more monochromatic look.


Highlights Your Best Features

The right pair of eyeglasses can accentuate your best features, especially if you get a pair that suits your face shape. When choosing the right pair for your facial features, think opposites. Square or rectangle glasses frames look best on round faces, while rounder glasses suit more angular faces.


The Bottom Line

The fall season is an opportunity to dress in a cozier, warmer, and ultimately more stylish way. There is so much to look forward to in the fall, and dressing for the season is one of them.

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