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Eyeglasses Styles To Elevate Your Springtime Look

Eyeglasses Styles To Elevate Your Springtime Look

For many of us, spring is a joyous time of year—nature wakes up from its winter slumber, and the weather finally starts to warm up. As we swap out our winter apparel for springtime garments, don’t forget about your accessories. A pair of eyeglasses is one surprising yet impactful add-on that can enhance your overall look for the day. Jot down the following eyeglass styles to elevate your springtime look.

Perfect Shapes of Frames

The shape of your eyeglasses can significantly change how your face looks. Round frames are the way to go if you prefer a soft and romantic fashion. Also, round frames provide a vintage yet classic appeal and work well with almost all face shapes.

Aviator frames are another popular option, especially when warm weather arises. This frame shape adds a retro feel and a touch of sophistication to your outfit. As a bonus, you’ll also be ahead of the game, as aviators are just as popular in summer as they are in spring!

Face Shape Matters

When it comes to this eyeglass styling tip to elevate your springtime look, always consider the ideal frame style for your face shape. For instance, glasses such as aviators have round edges, which look perfect on square faces.

Virtually Try On Frames

If you shop for glasses online, buy from a retailer such as Vint & York that lets you try on different frames virtually. This tool gives you an idea of how each option looks before you decide to buy a pair.

Fun Patterns for Eyewear

Glasses with patterned frames add a touch of playfulness and personality to your look. You can opt for frames with floral designs for a feminine touch or geometric patterns for a more modern and edgy appeal. Animal prints can also be a great choice to make a bold statement and add a natural element to your outfit. The key here is choosing a pattern that reflects your style and compliments whatever you wear.

Light Colors for Glasses

Colors are crucial in setting the mood for any occasion, and spring is all about new beginnings. Pink hues or soft shades of yellow, green, and purple are perfect for spring because their soft and calming appearance fits perfectly with the season’s spirit.

Buy the Perfect Accessory

Investing in a pair of quality eyeglasses is beneficial for your eye health and boosts your style. With the right shape, pattern, and color, eyewear can add an extra bit of charm. 

Vint & York sells designer glasses online. Shop for stylish eyeglasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, and even non-prescription clear eyewear to wear as an accessory. Walk into spring with trendy eyewear that makes you feel beautiful!

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