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Blue Light Glasses: Can They Damage Your Eyes?

Blue Light Glasses: Can They Damage Your Eyes?

Today, most of our time and attention is directed at screens. Whether it’s your phone or the monitor you use for daily work tasks, looking at screens is pretty much unavoidable. This is why eyeglasses with blue light lenses have become so popular in recent years. Many people have taken to wearing blue light glasses to protect their eyes from the light emitted by screens. However, some believe that blue light lenses can do the opposite and cause damage to their eyes. Here, we’ll explore blue light glasses and whether they are beneficial or harmful for long-term use.


What are blue light glasses?

Blue Light Glasses: Can They Damage Your Eyes? - What are blue light glasses?

Before jumping in, it’s essential to define what blue light glasses are. Blue light glasses are spectacles with specialty lenses designed to block or filter out the blue light emitted by digital screens. These lenses are often marketed with claims that they can protect eyes from eye strain and reduce the potential damage from prolonged exposure to blue light.


Do blue light glasses work?

Some are skeptical about the effectiveness of blue light glasses, and others may even expect them to cause more harm than good. So, do blue light glasses really work?

They can, depending on the quality of the lenses. If you suffer from migraines, hyper-light sensitivity, or digital eye strain, our Eyefend blue light glasses can help block harmful blue-violet UV rays.


Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

Blue Light Glasses: Can They Damage Your Eyes? - Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

The short answer is no — blue light glasses do not cause any damage to our eyes. In fact, they are designed to do the opposite, reducing eye strain by minimizing excess reflections and bothersome glare from digital screens on devices like phones and tablets. It will not cause you harm to wear blue light glasses all day.


Other factors that cause digital eye strain

While blue light glasses do not damage our eyes, excessive eye strain can cause serious discomfort. Many factors contribute to digital eye strain, including the following:

  • Constantly shifting focus
  • Infrequent blinking
  • Closeness to the screen
  • Screen glare and contrast

Apart from using the right eyewear, here are other ways to lessen digital eye strain:

Take breaks. Rest your eyes occasionally by looking away from your phone, tablet, laptop, or monitor. Do this frequently to ease your eyes from digital strain.

Adjust the lighting. Avoid harsh lights by keeping your surroundings softly lit.

Limit screen time. Limiting screen time is one of the best ways to lessen digital eye strain. There are many ways to do this, such as stepping away from the computer when taking breaks and putting your phone away during meals.

Use artificial tears. Digital eye strain can also cause dry eyes. Using non-prescription artificial tears can help lubricate and relieve dry eyes.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, blue light glasses do not damage our eyes. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, then consider getting a pair as they are great to use along with different methods to prevent eye strain.

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