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Metal Glasses: Gold Glasses, Silver Glasses Frames

Nothing is more timeless than a pair of beautifully crafted metal glasses frames . Simple, elegant, and comfortable, metal frames will showcase your personal style without compromising function.

The ultimate question: should I get plastic or metal glasses? Both are excellent options, but metal brings a distinct set of advantages that you won’t get with other materials. It’s lightweight and low-maintenance, making it perfect for everyday wear.

With metal frame glasses, fashion is a bit more straightforward. Acetate (plastic) frames come in a wider variety of colors, shapes and thicknesses, but don’t discount metal! There is a surprisingly large variety of metal-rimmed specs in our selection.

Additionally, wearing metal glasses is a bit different than wearing all acetate ones. They tend to be lighter and more low-profile than their counterparts, so they won’t bog you down.

Go for metal eyewear if you’re ready for a different and surprising way to see yourself. Dare to let go of the established acetate shapes & try on something different – a barely there look that’s so comfortable you won’t know you’re wearing them!

In this piece we’ve rounded up for you the most noteworthy & lightweight metal framed eyeglasses & sunglasses from our latest collections. Find out what type of metal glasses are a good fit for your style!

The Firm – metal glasses – See them here !

What are metal glasses made from?

Most quality metal glasses frames are made from steel, titanium alloy, plain robust titanium & alloys of copper or other metals. The lightweight strength, flexibility, durability, and sleek appearance of metal frames just can’t be beat for their value!


All Vint & York metal glasses are made from nickel free stainless steel that’s as durable as it is stylish. We made sure the metal’s finishing colors are attractive – you can go for gold in different nuances, bronze and even fashionale gunmetal silvers.

metal men glasses
Metal glasses collection by Vint&York

If you’re in the market for hypoallergenic eyeglass frames, you’ll appreciate this category since frames that are made from nickel-free metal are hypoallergenic and recommended for people with sensitive skin. All our glasses have this feature, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your skin safe and comfortable. The frame’s flexibility also adds a lot of comfort to your daily wear.
clip on glasses made of metal

The nickel free stainless steel material is an alloy of iron and carbon steel. It’s less prone to stain or rust, so you’re going to enjoy your glasses for a longer time, compared to other types of metal.


The most popular metal frames shapes

Metal frames are the best option if you’re looking for a new pair of lightweight glasses. Check out the best metal glasses shapes that are in style right now and treat yourself with a frame that matches your look.

Round Metal Glasses & Shades

Round metal eyeglasses are one of the oldest types of glasses – for this reason, they have always been associated with a retro vintage vibe.

gold round wireframe metal eyewear
The Charleston in gold

Very popular during 60’s, round metal frames have seen a resurgence in demand in recent years. Be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, circular frames have a certain appeal that makes them desirable.

men's round metal eyeglasses
The Swinger Men’s Round Eyeglasses – get yours here!
Big Timer Eyeglasses

Simple round eyeglasses made from thin metal are reminiscent of many cultural icons such as John Lennon and Steve Jobs. Choose gold metal frame glasses for a powerful look change.

These vintage round glasses are very fragile so remember to handle them with care. Most metal frames should be carried in a protective case so as not to damage them.

women's round metal glasses
Get the Razz round metal eyeglasses here

If you are looking to go with something simpler then the Razz round-oval metal eyeglasses are as uncomplicated as they come. Nothing goes to waste in these thin wire frame glasses . It has no unnecessary decorations such as the Big Timer.

These black metal sunglasses are as discreet as they come – you won’t even notice that you are wearing them. The metal alloy is light and the frame sits on your nose on small comfortable nose pads.

If you’re not looking for prescription frames, but for style, we recommend the classic oversized round metal sunglasses .

Vint & York’s Juice Joint are round metal sunglasses in gold reminiscent of the hippie Woodstock era. Often considered the best round metal sunglasses, these beauties are simple and elegant – the gradient lenses in brown match the golden thin wire frame creating an eye-catching contrast.

round oversized metal sunglasses
Juice Joint sunglasses

Hypnotizingly circular, these stylish sunglasses can be worn by both men and women.

If gold is not your color then a pair of silver round full rim metal eyeglasses in the form of the Swinger should capture your attention. Silver glasses frames are perfect for bringing a sleek, modern appeal to your entire look. Bonus points for the fact that they match everything in your wardrobe!

Round Metal sunglasses
The Swinger Sunglasses

Smaller than the Juice Joint, these babies are the artist’s escape from the daily routine. Put them on and you will feel inspired by the rounded vintage touch. Wear them with confidence.

prescription sunglasses (2)

The Charleston clip on sunglasses

Semi-Rimless Metal Glasses

If you’re debating whether you should get metal or plastic/acetate glasses keep in mind that you can have the best of both.

A semi-rimless metal and plastic frame will give you the stability and durability of acetate while sporting the elegant metallic look. These designer metal eyeglass frames bring boutique style and big practicality.

One look ladies can totally get behind is the semi-rimless metal cat eye frame, a look so exquisite that it can’t go unnoticed.

cat eye metal glasses
Zelda Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Crafted from thick acetate on the browline and thin golden metal frame in the lower part, the Zelda metal cat eye eyeglasses are sexy and attractive.

If you are looking for something more neutral, the unisex Fitzgerald is a Clubmaster inspired frame that will fit both men and women who want a semi-rimless metal glasses.

The timeless Clubmaster silhouette inspires professionalism and intelligence – a frame fit if you want to look good in the office or academic environment.

clubmaster metal eyeglasses
The Fitzgerald Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

The browline is made from hard acetate while the lower part and bridge are made from thin golden metal . The frame sits on soft nose pads which make it very comfortable.

Alternatively, if you are looking for unisex semi rimless metal sunglasses , The Fitzgerald also come equipped with darkened lenses perfect for the sunny days.


Square Metal Glasses

Square metal sunglasses are usually a man’s accessory because they have hard, angular features frequently associated with manliness. Still, we have a great selection of unisex thin metal frame glasses in this sleek, square shape.

The most popular metal square style is by far the Navigator – a reinterpretation of the Aviator but with more width and straight lines.

The Attaboy golden square metal sunglasses are bold and manly, leaving no room for interpretations of your style. Add a pair of gold metal designer eyeglasses to your ensemble if you want to capture this cool aesthetic indoors, too.

Featuring a straight metal browline with a saddle like bridge and thin metal frame , this Navigator frame sports big square lenses that are reminiscent of the tear shape.

If bolder is stronger, then another great option is the Bryant square large metal Navigator sunglasses .

Bryant Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Smaller in height but similarly wide to the Attaboy, this frame gets straight to the point and you can tell that from the straight metal brow bar and nose bridge.

The metal square sunglass has the ending of its thin arms dressed in tortoiseshell acetate, a detail which will not go unnoticed.

Another square metal frame is the semi-rimless Bowery , is a reinterpretation of the classic Clubmaster.

The acetate part is more prominent in these square semi-rimless metal sunglasses. The lower part consists of thin golden metal wire.

metal browline sunglasses
Bowery – Get them here !

Trending metal frames Styles

Golden or silver metal glasses come in a variety of styles, each with its own cool twists. These metal glasses styles have remained popular ever since their introduction so you can’t go wrong with them.

Metal filigree sunglasses

The filigree pattern is a lightweight frame design with a lot of detailing – a favorite of stylists this year! Quite different that anything you saw before in eyewear, the filigree metal glasses frames are stealing the spotlight with their unique look.

Bearcat sunglasses – See them here !
sunglasses for square face
Bearcat sunglasses in white

Metal Aviator Sunglasses

One of the most iconic all metal sunglasses are the timeless Aviators. It’s considered the best metal frame sunglasses – they are a celebrity in the world of eyewear! The Aviators are thin, lightweight metal glasses , a fragile accessory that works for both men and women.

The Fairbanks metal Aviator sunglasses are cool and hip, a great choice for someone who is looking for a style refresh.

What’s interesting about this metal aviator frame is the detailing – the teardrop aviator lens is encircled by thin metal wire that is dressed in black faux leather. The thin metal arms have an acetate finish in order to protect the skin behind your ears.

Metal Clip-On Glasses

The advantage of clip on glasses is that you basically have two frames – sunglasses and eyeglasses in one. Add a metal twist, infuse style with practicality and you get a frame that fits your every need.

First up is the Charleston , a metal clip on round frame that will be your ideal companion throughout the day. Going out? Just clip on the sunglasses over your eyeglasses and you’re covered. Need to go indoors? Clip them off and you are set to go.


The round metal frame glasses features a straight browline dressed in tortoiseshell acetate . The thin metal arms are also finished in acetate.

Vint and York The Charleston Round Sunglasses

The Firm metal rimmed glasses are fit for the men who seek practicality in their accessories. It takes the form of a Navigator frame but leaves out the bridge, an interesting detail which should go unnoticed.

The frame can easily be converted in reading metal eyeglasses perfect for indoor use.

The firm vint and york

Metal Top Sunglasses

If you’re not completely sold on the metal wire frame, but want to add a bit of metal to your eyewear look, go for frames with metal insertions, like a metal brow bridge bar, or a metallic nose bridge.

Metal top sunglasses are frames that feature a metal browline but don’t have to be made entirely from metal.

Vint & York’s Around the Block metal top frame is made mostly from acetate but it presents a slick metal bar that balances the thick acetate frame.

Reminiscent of the Aviator, these cool sunglasses might be just the frame you have been looking for.

How to avoid allergies to metal glasses

Allergies to metal differ from person to person and can be triggered by a wide range of metal accessories such as glasses, belts or jewelry.

A reaction to metal depends on the kind of material that your skin is exposed to. The most common materials to cause allergies are nickel, cobalt, tin, palladium and chrome .

Always check the frame’s materials before you buy!

High-quality frames that are unlikely to cause allergies are stainless steel and titanium. These are guaranteed not to cause skin rashes and/or other types of direct allergies. Try on a pair of titanium or stainless steel eyeglass frames from Vint & York if you’re worried about an allergic reaction.

Mojo – round metal glasses – See them here !

Adjusting & cleaning you metal frames

As opposed to all acetate frames, metal frames are flexible and can be easily bent. This is why you should always handle metal frames with care.

Bending your metal glasses leads to your eyesight being damaged. If by accident, you bend your frames then you should pay a visit to your optician.

fix eyeglasses

One of the great things about metal frames is that they can be bent back into shape and easily corrected by a professional optician. For more information on how to fix metal glasses , you can read our complete guide.

Cleaning metal glasses is actually easier than regular ones. Grease can annoy you if you let it add up but you can clean it with standard items such as jewelry polish. For more information, you can read the how to clean your metal glasses guide .

Closing thoughts

Metal glasses frames will always attract attention and compliments – they are the signature accessory of a person who is not afraid to be different.

You can see more Vint & Yorks styles in our metal collection !

titanium men glasses

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