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4 Hairstyles That Look Great With Eyeglasses

4 Hairstyles That Look Great With Eyeglasses

The way we style our hair can be as expressive as our chosen accessories. Our hairstyle can make a bold statement or complement our eyewear for a stylish look. While it’s easy to feel limited by glasses when deciding on a hairstyle, the truth is that there are plenty of options that can enhance your appearance and showcase your personality. Ensure you look fashionable by testing out some of the hairstyles below that look great with eyeglasses.

Pixie Cut

Short haircuts like a pixie cut offer a fresh and vibrant look that pairs wonderfully with eyeglasses. The short length makes your glasses stand out and become a focal point of your overall look.

Pro Tip

Pixie cuts are especially perfect for individuals with petite or small faces. They pair well with smaller-framed glasses for a balanced look.

Bobbed Cut

A bob is an excellent choice to pair with glasses and comes in a range of lengths. The typical bob sits just above the shoulders in the front and slightly shorter in the back, offering a flattering and dramatic style. However, if you prefer having longer hair, you could get a long bob or “lob.” This cut provides more versatility to style your hair while still showcasing your frames.

Pro Tip

Bobbed hairstyles are an excellent option for individuals with round or oval-shaped faces, as the layers elongate and slim down the face.

Long Layers

If you love styling your hair in a variety of ways, then long layers could be the perfect hairstyle—and it also looks great with eyeglasses! Layers add texture and volume while also bringing attention to your frames. Consider adding side-swept or wispy bangs for a trendy, modern look that draws attention to your eyeglasses.

Pro Tip

Long layers are ideal for those with longer faces or high cheekbones, as the layers soften and balance out these facial features.

Updo Hairstyles

Pulling your hair back, whether in a messy bun or a sleek ponytail, can highlight your frames and create a sophisticated look. Plus, when you pin your hair up, you allow your glasses to take center stage.

Consider Your Face Shape

The best hairstyle for you depends on your style preferences and face shape. While certain hairstyles may look great with glasses, they may not suit your face shape. For example, a round face might look best with angular frames and a layered cut that adds height to the crown. On the other hand, square faces can opt for softer layers and rounder frames to balance out sharp features.

Shop for Stylish Eyewear

Experiment with these ideas and find the look that best suits your personality and face shape. Vint and York have countless options for luxury glass frames that are perfect for men and women. Our frames come in numerous colors, frame shapes, and materials; virtually try on your favorite options. There’s an ideal pair waiting for you!

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